At Top Advisors Group we understand how important insurance is as a part of comprehensive financial planning.  As financial professionals it our responsibility to educate our clients on how to protect themselves and their families from financial perils such as premature death, disability, longevity, market fluctuations, and long-term care.  We have partnered with several insurance agencies to help find the best insurance solutions to meet your clients goals and objectives.

For Peak Brokerage Reps:

By using one of our approved insurance agencies you will receive 100% of the compensation received on insurance products based upon the agreement between you and your insurance agency.  Peak Brokerage will also give 50% production credit based on the compensation earned on all insurance products sold through any of our approved agencies.

If you decide to sell insurance products through an alternative insurance agency then you must receive prior approval from the Peak Brokerage compliance department.  Peak will require that your compensation be sent to directly to home office and your commissions will treated like all other brokerage business.  However you will not receive production credit for insurance business done through any agency that is not on our approved list.






MARKETING FINANCIAL SERVICES was formed in 1989 as a full service brokerage and consulting firm that works exclusively with professionals, marketing groups, associations, agencies and other financial entities such as CPAs, banks, trust companies and broker dealers. Our mission is to provide operational support, marketing consultation and partnership alliance programs for the clients we do business with.

Marketing Financial wholesales over 30 highly rated insurance companies. The list includes some of the highest rated in the industry. Our core product offerings include: Life Insurance, Annuities, Executive Benefits, Disability and Long Term Care insurance.

P: (800) 677-1087





EXECUTIVE BROKERAGE SERVICES, INC. has served the professional Insurance Agent since 1982, providing unmatched expertise in fixed annuities, fixed indexed annuities, and life insurance.  Executive Brokerage Services takes a concierge approach and our brokers rarely lose to the competition.  We offer timely information, a diverse product line, and assistance with case design and agent training.

Financial Services Professionals, Broker-Dealers, and Banks have leveraged our expertise since 1982 to add value to their client relationships. Our experienced staff will help you achieve your goals with exceptional customer service, the latest technology, and an unparalleled menu of products. We look forward to elevating your business to the next level.

P: (800) 766-9646





ADVISORS EXCEL was formed around a kitchen table in 2005. Advisors Excel has maintained a relentless focus on integrity, innovation and independence.

They have sought to redefine the role of the independent marketing organization in our industry – helping the most elite financial professionals in the country provide invaluable financial strategies for their valued clientele.


P: (866) 363-9595

CAPMAR INSURANCE SERVICES has over 80 years of combined experience helping agents like yourself. If you are looking to grow your business, you have come to the right place.

We provide a variety of services for our clients and independent agents while offering competitive products and rewarding our most loyal agents. With Capmar, the opportunity for success is right around the corner. Contact us today to find out how you can become a part of our award winning team.

P: (919) 488-3686



SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS, INC is a multi-company General Agency specializing in life, disability, long-term care, annuities and impaired risk.  We make more than 40 insurance carriers, including many of the “major” top rated compaines available to you.

Marketing and administrative support is provided, including illustrations and software, application processing and policy owner service, as well as specialized assistance with executive benefits and estate planning solutions.


P: (800) 873-2345

KAFL INSURANCE RESOURCES is an exceptional employee owned national multi-line brokerage agency that provides dedicated support and innovative resources to those who provide financial solutions.

At KAFL, our goal is to help you increase your revenue without compromising your most valuable asset…your time. KAFL’s business model is dedicated to helping you uncover opportunities inside of your existing practice. Once we uncover the opportunities our team reduces the time and effort required to develop create and accurate options for your clients, and works to implement their choices quickly and efficiently.

P: (800) 272-6488


ONE RESOURCE GROUP was created in 2002 with the idea that one company could provide innovative service in the industry. We wanted to put together a team of highly skilled and highly motivated people that would work tirelessly to make the brokerage experience better for agents and producers.

We offer a vast range of insurance services, including case design, case management, advanced markets and experience underwriting. We strive to partner with our clients to expand their business and continue to be a leader in the industry for knowledge and innovation.

P: (888) 467-6755